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The Top 100 Recruiters as Defined by our research for the 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index


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1st Steps In The Hunt: A Free Online Daily for Online Job Hunters

Company Job Pages


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4,000 Company Web Pages

There are more pages listing jobs contained in these links than you could possibly imagine. If you spent as little as 5 minutes per site, you'd need to budget at least 20,0000 minutes. That's 333 hours of cursory looking. That's a very busy 30 day month of 10 hour days -- it's no wonder that job search engines are growing rapidly.

With 4,000 links crammed into 26 web pages, the files are a bit cumbersome. Expect that they will take a little while to download. Be patient.

If you find that a particular link doesn't work, it's probably due to one of the following:

  • It's likely that the web is hiccupping. It does that. Sometimes, you simply can't get from point A to point B. If you're having problems reaching a website, try another one and then come back later to try the one your having problems with. There are all sorts of arcane problems that cause web pages to be temporarily out of reach.
  • The also likely website you're trying to reach has hired a new webmaster or a new manager of the web section. In order to make "progress" in the first days of their new jobs, these geniuses often redo their sites without any consideration of their "inbound links". Send them a note expressing your displeasure.
  • It's possible, though not probable, that we made a mistake. If you find an error on our part, please send a note. We'll get around to fixing it.
If you are of the opinion that these lists are forever damaged by the fact that they don't include your link, please read our little note on adding your URL.

With those caveats, take a look at the jobs on these pages. It's a representative sampling of the (nearly) 9,500 HR Departments with online recruiting operations.

  Call Center
  Drivers / Trucking
  IT Contracting & Consulting
  Logistics / Transportation
  Security Clearance

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